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GI Camps 2020 – Information

This year we will be running 2 camps. One camp will be for young trans people aged 11-17. The other will be for young people aged 16-25. This means if you are aged 16, or 17 you can choose which camp you want to attend. If you choose to attend the olders camp, we will need consent from a parent/carer for this.

There will be 35 spaces on each camp. The 11-17 camp will be run by Sasha Padziarei and Isa Sallinen. The 16-25 camp will be run by Finn Thorbrian and Sabah Choudrey. All our staff and volunteers on camp are trans (including non-binary). More information and all dates below…

Sunday April 26th at 12 Midday - The booking link becomes live on the GI website. Complete some information to book a space on camp.

June - July - Everyone under the age of 18, or who has never been to GI will receive a call from Jake Kelly (Residential Lead). This is to help check-in about how people are feeling about camp, any support needs they may have and talk through any concerns.

Saturday 4th July - Young people's Prep day for 11-17 camp. In London. Young people meet one another and the camp team. Young people MUST attend this day in order to come on camp. Parents/carers are asked to attend for the first 1-2 hours so that we can answer questions.

Saturday 11th July – Young People’s Prep day for 16-25 camp. In London. Young people meet one another and the camp team. Young people MUST attend this day in order to come on camp. Parents/carers are asked to attend for the first 1-2 hours for anyone aged under 18, so that we can answer questions.

Friday 7th- Monday 10th August - CAMPS! We meet at a station in London (at about 12pm) and then travel for about an hour by coach to the campsite. Young people will sleep in tents (they can have their own, or a shared tent - this is chosen by them on the prep day. We split tents by age, not gender). Saturday and Sunday on camp involve an activity in the morning (climbing, raft building etc - again, chosen by young people). On one afternoon, the group will go swimming on site. On the other, there will be a range of activities and workshops to join. We spend the evenings sat around the campfire sharing reflections on the day.

On the Monday, we pack down our site together and then have a closing circle before getting back on the coach to return to London (for about 5-6pm)

August - September - Anyone who doesn't attend a GI youth group will receive another call from Jake, just checking in on how they're doing after camp and if there is any support we can offer.

Download the volunteer application form HERE.

What the young trans people thought about our camping trip:

"I learnt a lot and had so much fun for the first time in a long time. I didn't want to leave, it was like a little piece of paradise. I can't wait until the next one!" - Youth group member

"Camp was a place I could be myself, a place where I didn’t worry about gender or the world outside, a place to forget about my problems for 4 days" - Youth group member

"I really enjoyed archery, but what I liked best was just hanging out and chatting by the camp fire each night." - Youth group member

"It was muddy, but still fantastic!" - Youth group member

"I wish every day was camp!" - Youth group member

"I made some really good friends on camp and now feel less alone in the world.” - Youth group member

Pictures from past camps

Setting up the tents

Eating dinner outdoors together

Setting up the camp fire

Pulling 3-G swing - faster!

Kayaking down the river

They built a raft!

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